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Cyber Security & Threat Intelligence Awareness Training

Your people can be your biggest asset, and with security awareness training they can become highly effective barriers to cyber-crime.


Security awareness training provides simple and effective knowledge for people to understand their environment and provides the confidence to challenge when something doesn’t look right.


The training is focused on those with little or no cyber security or technical knowledge and is delivered in small, succinct modules using real world examples.


Awareness training is tailored to each individual audience to provide the right level of skills and context for your business, covering topics such as phishing, social engineering, ransomware and the fundamental practices of good cyber hygiene.


The trainers are highly knowledgeable, personable and friendly and pride themselves on providing the right environment for your people to feel comfortable and to ask questions.

We have a discounted offer available for sole traders and micro businesses.


  • 2.5 hour remote training session.

  • £60 for one person, with every extra person costing an additional £10 (+VAT).

If your business does not fall within these categories, please enquire for a quote.


“The Cyber Path Student was a confident and knowledgeable presenter who put all attendees at ease and lead a thoroughly enjoyable and hugely useful and informative session.  Time well spent!”

“Whole session was good-humoured, appropriately targeted (relevant), interactive - and had well-timed (and much appreciated!) breaks!”

SAT – Gov organisation

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