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Cyber Business Continuity Review

This service offers a review of your business continuity planning and the resilience of your organisation to cyber-attacks such as ransomware or when attackers take control of your core systems.


We use elements of the international business continuity management systems standard ‘ISO/IEC 22301:2019’ as a model to review your continuity planning and includes aspects such as internal and external (customer and public) communications, recovery objectives (tolerable downtime, tolerable service loss), disaster recovery and recovery testing and exercises. 


Service reporting includes a comprehensive gap analysis and plain language recommendations based on your current business continuity arrangements, impact assessments, risk management and your business.


We are able to recommend our trusted partners network to provide additional services such as business continuity management systems certification. Our trusted partners have been accredited by the UK national accreditation body, UKAS, to provide accredited certification. 

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