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Top Tips for the Construction Industry to increase their Cyber Resilience

The construction sector might not be the first industry which comes to mind in relation to digital threats, however with the low margins the industry operates within, any disruption in operations could have a huge impact.

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And these disruptions could be as simple as receiving a phishing email, which gets reported and takes all of 30 seconds to deal with, but as catastrophic as having ransomware stealing sensitive data and then encrypting it so no one can access any system.

How much money would that cost your business?

Our top tips?

- Get the basics right. Make sure that you have implements the fundamental cyber security controls. If you are not sure what they are have a look at the NCSC’s Small Business Guide. They include:

  • Backing up your data

  • Malware protection

  • Keeping devices safe

  • Password management

  • Avoiding Phishing attacks

- Implement a culture change to emphasis the importance of cyber security from the senior decision makers, through your employees and even your contractors. We have a contractor’s guide which you can share. Make sure that all staff carry out Security Awareness Training, no matter their role. Many of the aspects that will protect your business will also protect your employees in their personal life. You can get free training online at the NCSC, in person through local policing or take advantage of our affordable CyberPATH service.

- Have a risk based approach to your suppliers. Consider using accreditations as a benchmark as to whether other companies have a level of security equivalent to yours. Refer suppliers/customers who needs some help with their cyber security to the ECRC. As a free resource we can help that company improve which helps you reduce your risk of dealing with them.

- Join our free business community. We have a free cyber course which breaks down key concepts into bite-sized chunks with specific actions for you to complete, a members only area where we share threat intel, information on data breaches and latest patches to be released.

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