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Police Protect Network

Welcome to the Police Protect Network 

Each of the seven forces of the East (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex) have dedicated Cyber Crime units who support victims from all communities across the region when cyber crime strikes.

The Crime Units are regionally coordinated by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) and deliver local support to communities and businesses. They work proactively and reactively on significant cyber crime investigations and aim to defend against evolving cyber threats, deter and disrupt hostile action, and identify and utilise expertise to overcome future threats and challenges. Each unit also forms part of Team Cyber UK to deliver the National Cyber Crime Strategy 2016 – 2021 and support the National Cyber Security Centre.​​


Cyber Protect Officers are your local point of contact to receive tailored support and guidance and this professional advice can be easily accessed through your local police force, or via the Eastern Cyber Secure website, with priority given to those who are most vulnerable. Having built good working relationships throughout the region, this allows the protect network to share all the best working practices.

You can contact the ERSOU at

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Meet your local Cyber Protect Officers 
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Nigel Sutton 

Nigel works for Cambridgeshire Constabulary within the Specialist Crime Team at Police HQ, and is a former police officer with over 20 years policing experience. In 2016, he was part of a small team of officers who established the force cyber investigation unit. His current role profile is Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor, he is part of a national Cyber Protect network which requires him to engage and provide information to businesses and local communities about the local threat of Cybercrime, this work includes identifying vulnerabilities and conducting assessments and providing security advice using materials and guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre in London and other sources. A secondary role is the Cyber Choices officer, a national programme led by the National Crime Agency in which he works with partners to educate and prevent young people becoming involved in cyber related criminal activity.

Contact Nigel at

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John Greenwood 
Norfolk and Suffolk

John works for the Cybercrime Unit in Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary which sits in the Cyber, Intelligence and Serious Crime Directorate within the Protective Services. He has experience in both the private and public sectors including education. His role has three strands; to engage and provide information to individuals and businesses regarding the threat of Cybercrime, ultimately protecting our communities. This work includes identifying vulnerabilities and conducting assessments and bespoke security advice. In the second strand John works with partners to educate and prevent young people becoming involved in this type of criminal activity. Finally, he supports projects which focus on improving the management and threat of Cybercrime through the Regional and National Framework.

Contact John at

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Mike Williams 

My name is Mike Williams I have been in post as a Cyber Protect & Prevent staff officer for Bedfordshire Police for two years. I have previous Fraud Investigation background both in Passports & Banking

Contact Mike at

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Contact your local Hertfordshire Cyber Protect Officer at

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Contact your local Essex Cyber Protect Officer at

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Aimee Payne

Aimee Payne joined Kent Police in 2007 and since 2017 is the current Cyber Protect and Prevent Officer for Kent Police.  She has worked in a variety of roles within Kent Police which include Recruitment, HR and the South East Regional Team working with the National Police to assist coordination of specialist resources for planned and spontaneous events. 


As part of the Cyber Protect Network, Aimee provides bespoke protect advice to victims of cyber dependent crimes, alongside engaging with individuals, organisations and communities. In her role, Aimee covers Protect and Prevent elements of the 4P’s strategy.


Aimee has completed Cyber Security training with QA and has a Certificate in Security Management Principles (CISMP) which has helped develop her technical knowledge, allowing her to provide more in depth advice to individuals and businesses.


“Kent businesses and residents need to think about cyber security prevention measures as second nature – the same as locking your doors and windows when you leave the house.  The only way to change these behaviours is education and awareness”

Contact Aimee at