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ECRC hits 1500 Members

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre are really proud to announce that we have hit our 1500 membership target this month.

Our community is really diverse both in terms of company size and sector and is a reflection of the hard work of the centre and our partners who have supported our growth over the past couple of years. From networking events online during the pandemic through to in person presentations and trade events and more recently to the county community engagement events; we continue to work to get out to the hard to reach businesses across the region raising awareness of cyber threats and bringing about meaningful behavioral change.

What the centre has to say about it

The newest member of the team Business Development Manager Sapphire Little stated

It has been a fantastic six months since I first took on the role. In particular the Community Engagement events have been a game changer – getting out into the High Streets and Trading Estates, talking about cybercrime and hearing about businesses' actual experiences with cybercrime and online fraud. Turning that round, bringing a trader into the centre and watching them start their cyber resilience journey is so satisfying

The Centre Director, former Detective Superintendent Paul Lopez said

I couldn’t be prouder of the way that we have gone about our business, getting stuck in and getting our key messages out to businesses across the Eastern Region. A big thank you to all of our partners and stakeholders who have played their part in spreading the word about the CRC network and persuading a sometimes skeptical business community that they need to sit up and take notice of how unsafe their business practices have been

Support from our members

One of our partners who have taken up the call are - an SME focused Managed Service Provider based in Romford but providing support to customers all over the South East. Established to help businesses with less than 100 users, they work with companies looking for an external partner who can help with leadership and strategy within the IT governance and cybersecurity arenas.

From a CRC perspective, quickly identified what the centres were trying to achieve. As well as providing a platform to the ECRC around how they can help SMEs increasing awareness of cyber threats and business vulnerabilities, they have also referred a significant number of their customers to the centre for the free community membership as well as our affordable CyberPath student cyber services..

Chris Squires, an account executive at, has been one of the biggest supporters of the ECRC since he joined as a member in 2023. When asked why he had been so vocal in his support he told us

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre occupy a unique place in the landscape – they offer a free membership option with signposting to tons of free government and police tools and services. Their central drive is around changing the cultural mindset in companies, which is completely aligned to our own vision, and they do that through awareness raising presentations and blogs. Ultimately, the ECRC adds value to our clients’ experience and it adds value to our clients’ relationship with ourselves. I’d say they are one of the best kept secrets in the cyber world, though as time goes on I imagine that is likely to change!

So what next?

Here at the ECRC we’d like to thank all of our partners for continuing to support us grow and reach more and more businesses across the East of England. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help contact us here.

And if you’d like to join sign up for free membership to our police company and start your journey to protecting your business online just click here.


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