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Calling all sole traders and micros – get cyber training for less

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In a recent survey it was highlighted that only about 50% of companies have any form of staff cyber awareness training, and that is even lower in smaller organisations. Whilst time is always a factor in deciding whether to do something or not, cost can also be prohibitive.

What is this new cost effective Security Awareness Training?

Based on the National Cyber Security Centre’s Small Business Guide, Security Awareness Training provides employees with a basic but effective understanding of their cyber environment and the confidence to recognise and draw attention to any potential security issues. And the training is carried out by a police led and government backed team, so you know you're getting a service you can depend upon.

Topics include:

• Recognising social engineering

• How to protect against the different ‘ishings’ e.g. spear phishing, vishing, email phishing and smishing

• The importance of strong passwords

• Social media conduct

• Handling a ransomware attack

Who is it for?

This security training is specifically aimed to support organisations with less than 10 members of staff – so sole traders and organisations with up to 9 staff.

Everyone in your workforce, whether that is just you or team. Employees are the first layer of cyber defence in any business so ensuring they can spot common cyber security issues or risks is essential.

The training is aimed at those with little or no technical knowledge and delivered in small, succinct modules supported by real-world examples that are relevant to the context of your business.

How long does a session take?

Each training session typically lasts 2.5 hours with time for questions. If this session is too long, then we do offer the same training but split across two sessions. It is delivered remotely and may have employees from other businesses attending. If you would like a bespoke, private session, please contact CyberPath to discuss your requirements.

How much does it cost?

We understand that the cost can be a significant factor in your decision-making process. We charge based on the number of people that you need to have trained. It costs just £60 for one person, with every extra person costing an additional £10 (+VAT).

So if you run a company with 5 staff it will only cost £60 PLUS £40 (4x10) - so £100.00 plus VAT to access this effective and high quality training option that can protect your business, staff and customers. That will probably be the best money you invest in your business this year!

You can book your session here. Or contact the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre to discuss a wider range of training options.

If you would like more information about whether this service is right for you please contact us today.

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Protect your business now by taking this simple inexpensive first step today


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