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The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre celebrates signing its 200th member!

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre has welcomed its 200th member - Axiom Design (

200 members celebration crest

Logo of Axiom Design Associates

Axiom Design Associates Ltd have been serving clients over 25 years, specialising in workplace design, furniture supply, space efficiency and optimisation. More recently they have started working with AIR – who design and build innovative portable air sanitising systems that destroy microbes in living and working spaces. They are currently in discussions with the Police and Ambulance Service who are looking at how theses systems could protect their employees in the post COVID world.

Logo of Chelmsford Business Partnerships

Axiom were introduced through the Chelmsford Business Partnership and we would like to extend our thanks to Sally, Ian and the team for their ongoing support of the ECRC. CBP have embraced the concept of the centre and now recommend our free core membership option to all of their members.

With the latest statistics showing that an incredible 98% of UK businesses now operate online in one way or another, with even the smallest of firms benefiting hugely from the use of websites, social media, online banking and the ability for customers to shop online, it has never been more critical for businesses to be cyber secure.

And this is where the ECRC steps in to become such a crucial resource. Established in partnership between the police, private sector and academia, it helps micro, small and medium-sized organisations across the whole of the Eastern region to protect themselves against cybercrime. The centre offers free core membership as an effective and simple way to ensure businesses are protected from common cyber-attacks.

Commenting on joining the ECRC, Director Lisa Bliss said

As a responsible member of the business community, we are focused on protecting ourselves from potential cyber-attacks. It is not only imperative we ensure our own security is in place, but we instil the importance of this with everyone in our own supply chain as well.’

“We’re certainly thrilled to be a member of the ECRC. With the centre’s ongoing support and commitment to driving the cyber resilience message across the Eastern region, we know that by joining we are also playing our part in tackling cybercrime.’

Managing Director of the ECRC Detective Superintendent Paul Lopez, added:

Supporting small local businesses like Axiom is at the forefront of our mission here in the centre. Historically small businesses have been a really difficult sector to reach. But Axiom understand that small is not safe in the digital world and are leading by example, demonstrating that cyber resilience is a must have in the modern world. We’re delighted to have them on board.

Businesses can join the ECRC through a range of membership packages to access guidance, tools and affordable services to help better protect themselves against the threat of cybercrime.

To find out more information about the centre and how to become a member, go to Core Membership | The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (

To keep updated with all the latest ECRC developments follow @ECRC on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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