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Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre strikes up new Partnership with Police Forces across the East

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The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) has just announced that it will be working to help to improve the cyber resilience of companies that supply goods and services to the 7 Police Forces in the Eastern Region. From today all companies seeking to embark on new contracts with the Police in the East will be asked to join the ECRC as part of the contractual process.

The ECRC is a police led company supported by the Home Office and local policing to provide cyber guidance and affordable cyber services to businesses, charities, and public sector organisations. It is part of a national network of centres working hard to protect the UK economy.

Detective Superintendent Paul Lopez, Centre Director said

‘We are really excited about this development that will help to strengthen local business’ cyber resilience and protect them from the rising tide of cyber-crime. We are grateful to our partners in policing for their hard work to make this a reality.’

There are six hundred thousand small and medium sized businesses across the East, and many have little or no protection to the threat posed by cybercriminals. The ECRC occupies a unique place in the cyber landscape – staffed by police and supported by academia and the commercial sector it works tirelessly to support SMEs through the publishing of guidance, threat assessments and signposting to free cyber tools. The centre also works with university undergraduates across the region to provide a range of affordable cyber services.

Dave Levy, Director of Commercial Services for the 7 Force Collaboration said

‘This is an important step in protecting both local businesses and our regional police forces from cyber criminals. Whilst only new contractors will be required to join, we would urge existing contractors to join the ECRC as well.’

Joining the ECRC community is quick to do and free of charge. It opens the door to a wealth of information on cyber resilience. You will learn how to identify vulnerabilities within your own organisation and how to take simple steps to reduce the risk to your company, your employees, and your supply chain.

The ECRC urges all organisation, whether they are suppliers to the police or not, to join the centre as soon as they can.

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