Friends of the ECRC

Friends of the Centre are membership organisations who share the ECRC's view that cybercrime resilience within businesses is essential.

Friends support the ECRC through raising awareness of our aims and objectives and directing their members to take advantage to the ECRC's free membership and affordable services.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Centre  please contact us.

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Chelmsford Business Partnership

Chelmsford Business Partnerships is an organisation open, and attainable, to all. Social Responsibility remains high on the Chelmsford Business Partnerships agenda; supporting business communities to understand and tackle our collective responsibility to individually foster a healthy workplace; physically, mentally, and environmentally.

The key benefits of becoming a member of Chelmsford Business Partnerships include:


  • Forging beneficial friendships and relationships between members.

  • A variety of monthly meetings, both virtual and in person, at different times and on different days.

  • Utilising the skills of our members to bolster the health of our members businesses.

  • Access to a member only Facebook group.

  • Get immediate access to experts with key business skills.

  • Benefit from access to free virtual business and networking events.

  • Be in a position to react to the changing business environment from frequent interaction with peers.

  • Promote your business, or organisation, in vibrant, current and responsive business community.